Thursday, March 13, 2008

Cookie & Kiss have arrived!!!

Cookie & Kiss arrived this morning!

Charissa's water broke this morning and I received an early 5am call that they were off to the hospital. The C-section happened at 8:30am. Cookie, the little girl, came first and weighed 4lbs7oz. Kiss, the little boy, came next and weighed 4lbs9oz. Mama had only a few moments with them before they were whisked off to the NICU. Mama is doing well. She was experiencing some high blood pressure and low body temperature. Unfortunately she is on bedrest and cannot see the babies for 12 hours! I think it's down to 6 hours as I write. All this time anticipating the babies and she can't really meet them until later today. She is a bit bummed about that but also totally joyful and a bit tired and a whole bunch of other emotions. I talked to Daddy and he sounded great. He said the babies are totally cute and have different personalities already. He has been taking pictures of them and then taking the photos to Charissa so you can see them. Isn't that sweet?

Here she is this past weekend

I am very excited to meet my Cookie & Kiss! Going to TX soon!

To celebrate I planted a garden!
I got three varieties of Tomatoes: Romas, Momotaros, and San Marzanos.
The San Marzanos are an heirloom variety of Romas. The Momotaros are a Japanese pink tomato that are said to be sweet and delicious. I also planted 4 basil plants, which is the obvious must have with the all those tomatoes. I threw in a jalapeno with some salsa in mind and then some marigolds. They are supposed to reply pests and encourage good bugs.


Tender blooms and little babies...what a wonderful day!


Christie said...

Great looking plants!

Ellen Bloom said...

Congrats, Ms. Fairgodmother!

sappmama said...

Happy godmothering!

Let's eat them 'maters.

woolanthropy said...

Thanks gals!
I have been polishing my tiara and wand. Can't wait to see them little love bundles.

I'll let you know when it's harvest time! I hope to have tomatoes all summer long!