Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter

C & K Easter1
Look what the Easter Bunny brought.
Two little, sweet Peeps!

C & K Easter2
These little peeps fit very snuggly in an 11-inch basket.

Cookie likes to nap.
Cookie nap

Kiss likes to nap too.
Kiss nap
The days are filled with mama's milk, sleepy time, looking around, lots of cuddles, some diddy changes, squeaks and squawks and so much cuteness. Pure joy and good times.


Anonymous said...


The La Canada cousins

Anonymous said...

Hi Emily!! That was fast...hope that your little bunny had a terrific Easter!

sappmama said...

How very Anne Geddes of you all!

Ellen Bloom said...

Wow! Those Peepster Twins are realllllly tiny! They are adorable, of course. Great photos!

Anonymous said...
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