Thursday, March 27, 2008

Babies First Trip to the LYS

Little tiny babies need little tiny clothes. Especially some little tiny hats to keep them warm. So we went to The Hook and Needle Yarn Store in Bryan, TX to get some yarn!

Cookie and Kiss loved the yarn store!
Babies & Yarn
Cookie was very excited. She freaked mom out with her enthusiasm. Mom thought she might fling herself right out of all that yarn. Kiss took a snuggle up approach to all that yarn.

A Natural
He asked to hang out in the yarn while we shopped but the Ladies of Hook and Needle had other ideas. They offered yarn for babies. Guess what? I didn't even pause to think it would be an acceptable idea. Yarn for babies. I am not falling for that.
First Yarn Store
The Ladies at the Hook and Needle were great. Very helpful with the yarn. They had a really nice selection of yarn. A great wall of needles. And a very nice selection of books. Eventually they let me pay and returned to babies.

Check out the goods!
Mission Falls cotton, Vickie Howell Craft, and Marble.
Nancy even threw in a pink and a blue tote bag!

Craft & Hat

Here we are showing off our new caps.
Look at us

We are so small we can share one basket!
we fit in one car seat
Here we are visiting Dr. Matthews office.
Cookie and Kiss are doing really well and doing all the things they are supposed to. Eating, peeing, pooping, being cute, sleeping, and growing.


sappmama said...

Please stop this cuteness before I come to Texas and knit up a little blankie and hide them it in and steal them!

woolanthropy said...

Don't steal my idea! I am all over these babies.