Saturday, March 15, 2008


Kiss & Cookie
Quinn Xavier & Francesca Marie.
3 days old

My hubby thinks they look like house elves. Aren't they cute in their umbilical cord hats? I made them small but I am happy to see they have some room to grow into. Everyone is doing really well and should be going home tomorrow or Monday. Perfect timing for me as I arrive on Tuesday!


Joseph said...

There are many gardens and babies to tend to...Spring is in full bloom!

Our new house elves have US working overtime. Apparently Dobby really started something.....

Love from the new mamma and our new (furless)babies...they can't wait to meet their Fairy Godmother!


sappmama said...

I think these might be the tiniest human sprouts I've ever seen.

I'm so digging that they're wearing their chapeaus.