Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I want to send a big THANK YOU to Mary Jo for her donation to the yogathon and Habitat for Humanity!

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Here's the break down of the 24 hours of Yogathon.

Saturday June 30
8-10 am
Asana: Standing Poses & Inversions

10-12 pm
Asana: Arm Balances & Backbends

12-2 pm
Pranayama & Meditation

2-4 pm

4-6 pm
Asana: Hip Openers & Forward Bends

6-8 pm
Restorative Yoga

8-10 pm
Partner Thai Yoga

10-12 am
Chanting with Wah! Public Invited. $20 donation. Come on down!!!

Sunday July 1
12-2 am
Restorative Yoga

2-4 am
Pranayama & Meditation

4-6 am
Asana: Sun Salutations

6-8 am
Chanting & Dancing!

8-8:30 am
Go home. Have a snack. Take a shower. Crawl into bed. Sleep.......

8:30 - ???
Do Not Disturb


Ellen Bloom said...

I cannot believe that you are going to last for 24 hours! Best of luck, Sweetie! We may drop by to cheer you on.

Ellen and Larry

WineGrrl said...

Check your email!

Good Luck!

sappmama said...

Oh my gawd. I hurt just reading this schedule.

All I can say is, ROCK ON!

woolanthropy said...

Thanks Andree!
You rock!

I was thinking there might not be enough asana, but I am sure the 108 sun salutations starting at 4am will be quite a topper to the all nighter!
And early morning dances grooves...I can't think of a better way to start the day...or end one long night as the case will be. I am totally psyched about this weekend.

mj said...

As I'm writing this, you are chanting. Good luck with sticking it out! I know you will.