Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Mother's Day

My favorite new book is Lotta Jansdotter's Simply Sewing.
It has great easy patterns.

Here is a little something I whipped up for my mom.

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Hat & Tote

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We went to the Reel Inn for lunch. YUM!
She had Orange Roughy and I had the Sea Bass.
FYI. While standing in line we signed a petition to save the Reel Inn. It seems that developers want to get rid of all the businesses on the corner of Topanga Cyn and PCH. This would be very sad. It's part of the landscape and the food is delicious.

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Mom loved her new stuff and we had fun toodling through the canyon in my Miata. Lunch was delicious. On the way home we picked up some strawberries and cherries. It was a great mom and daughter day.


MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

That is your MOM?! She must have been a child bride. Now we know where you get your good looks.

Ellen Bloom said...

Oh I lurve the Reel Inn too! There used to be one on the Promenade in SM. The food is so good and fresh there. I hope it can be saved.

Yes, your Mom is gorgeous. She looks great in her new hat, etc. Nice work, Crafty Lady!

sappmama said...

I say it again: Your mom, foxy loxy. You should make more stuff for her. She's a perfect model for your lovely handwork!

(Although, keep in mind, I wouldn't be too bad either. Heh heh.)

woolanthropy said...

Aw thanks. My mom was a child bride and she is pretty. I thought she looked spectacular in her new hat. Crafting is such good fun. Next time I need a model or two I will know who to call.