Friday, June 29, 2007

Much Love and Gratitude

The Yogathon is tomorrow and I am very excited.

I want to extend some serious love and thanks to...

Andree - a SnB sister. We have a great group!
Susan & Sudi - my fun friends
Jill & Tyler - My incredibly cute nephew and his incredibly cute mom
Mary - my awesome next door neighbor
Michele & Jeff - great friends who live just a little too far away for everyday play.
Carla - one of my great supports in all my hare-brained schemes and plans I lay in this life.

I thank you all for your generosity of heart.
To everyone - You make my spirit soar!

I will do my best to document the yogathon in all my upside downward dog head stand twisting with a camera in hand that I can.


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sappmama said...

Om shanti!