Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

Last Saturday we carved pumpkins. My mom, Roy, and Lori came over to carve pumpkins too. The table was set with carving tools, templates, paper towels, and pumpkin gut bowls. After some drinks and chips and salsa we eagerly got to work on our pumpkins.

Mom is free-handing a skull template.

Joe puts on the finishing touches to his pumpkin.

These ears look just right.

Joe & his pumpkin.

Lori bought the craziest pumpkin. It refused to come clean inside. She was scrapping the walls forever. When it was finally cleaned out, the pumpkin was lopsided and would roll over. To adjust the weight his little pumpkin topper had to be set askew.

Voila! Pierre Lumiere. Please notice his fabulous beret.

Tank was patiently waiting for a lap to sit in while the carving was going on. That would be my lap in particular because there were other laps at her disposal. When I finally sat down, Tank helped me put the finishing touches on my zombie pumpkin.

After the carving was done, the table was cleared and we grilled up some dinner and ate while anxiously waiting for it to get dark so we could officially light up the jack-o-lanterns.

Here is the Parade of Pumpkins.

Happy Halloween!
May your pillowcases be full of sweet treats & your jack-o-lanterns burn bright tonight!

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