Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Spin Class

Last Wednesday night I started spin class with Anna Zinsmeister through the Burbank Parks and Recreation. For Christmas, the hubby got me a Lendrum DT spinning wheel. In the first couple of weeks I gave it a spin or two but it was a frustrating experience. Everything was way over spun, then my dissertation deadline came calling and the spinning wheel had to be put away for another time.

Well, that time has finally arrived. Class was lots of fun. We started with the drop spindle. Last year I picked up a Kundert Spindle from the now defunct A Mano's. I was having some problems drafting at first, but that will come along with practice.

The second hour we moved on to the spinning wheel. Now we are talking fun. Of course, it doesn't quite feel right yet. My feet are still trying to find the right rhythm and then there is the drafting of the fibers and trying to find the feel of the wheel. It's pretty amazing. Yarn....yarn is being made.

This is my first batch on the wheel. Unfortunately when winding it onto the niddy noddy (cool name, right?) it broke...twice. I am sure it is part of the learning curve because

here is my second skein from my second practice session at the wheel. This time nothing broke when I was taking it off the spool and the twist is more even. I could have all the terminology wrong because I haven't read the materials I was given. Just jumped right in. Yep....a little impatient. But look at the result....yarn. So cool.

The natural color is beautiful. But, of course, maybe I could play with dyes in the future.

Now my friend, Maya, over on her blog Springtree Road spins amazing yarn. She recently opened her own etsy shop to sell her beautiful creations. Today she is featuring a beautiful pink yarn and the proceeds of the sale of this particular yarn will go to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Go and check out what's happening on her blog. Also, check out her Halloween Handspun. Gorgeous, right?

I'll keep you posted on spinning adventures.

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