Friday, October 02, 2009

Water Babies

Meet the Supreme Rulers of the Splash Pad.

King Cookie

Queen Kiss

While the rest of the world moves into Autumn, some places refuse to budge out of the summer Texas and Los Angeles. Cookie & Kiss know all the cool places to hang out when it's hot. The pool has closed for the season but not the splash pad. While I was there we got to go two days in a row! The kids love it.

This was a very special time for me and the hubby. We haven't really seen the kiddos in the last six months. I am truly thankful that Mom & Dad trust us enough to leave these bright lights of love in our care. Mom & Dad needed a little break from twin toddlerdom and I was more than happy to help. Helping them gave me a chance to reconnect with Cookie and Kiss. The hubs and I got to experience a little one on two time which gave us a chance to experience their world, their emerging personalities, and just love up those babies. They are truly good enough to eat. I am surprised we didn't eat them all up. Pure sugar. It was truly special to have had this time with them.

We miss them.
We miss...
The cuddles in the morning.
Singing itsy bitsy spider.
Drawing with chalk (outside only).
Eating with our hands.
Blowing bubbles
bath time
brushing our teeth
high fives
we especially miss Cookie chanting nitenite, nitenite

Thank you MamaFox and PappaBear for sharing your family and being our family.
We love you and miss you too!

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