Friday, October 09, 2009

Time to Escape

The open road is calling.

The hubby and I are off to Big Sur to enjoy a quiet break from our everyday life. We chose Big Sur so we could enjoy the beauty of the mountains as well as the ocean. This break is coming at the perfect time as I feel an inner turmoil rumbling within. The monkeys are screaming at a higher pitch than usual and it's time to sort them out. This break will give me the space and time for reflection & meditation.

A little menu planning has been done. The crock pot & cast iron skillet are at the ready. The knives are packed. Groceries, done. Just need ice.

Clothes are washed and packed. Knitting projects have been sorted and are next to the front door. Scrabble, a jigsaw puzzle & a big ole pile of books & magazines have been picked out.

The car has been serviced.

Tomorrow morning...the open road. Oh, I cannot wait to get there.

Things will be very quiet around the blog this week as I unplug so have a fantastic weekend & beyond.

Stars burn clear all night.
Do that yourself,
and a spring will rise in the dark
with water your deepest thirst is for.

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