Friday, May 15, 2009

Vintage Photo Friday: Prom Night

Welcome to an Enchanted Evening

Stepping back to in time to May 1985

Frank and me
This is truly the '80s at its best. Look at the hair! Frank's hair is as high as mine and his was always longer than mine.

The photos were taken in my mom's living room. You really have to love the shingle wall (a 70s diy project) and the shag carpet. We were quite the fetching couple. The dress was made for me by at lady at church.

Frank was very dapper in his multiple pleated pants that tapered down to his patent leather Doc Martens. Instead of the bow tie he opted for the rhinestone pin. There is a cross pin on the pocket of his tuxedo jacket. Yes, he was cool like that. Frank was not afraid of fashion. He once wore a skirt to a club we went to in downtown LA.

Me & my kitten Feona

I bought a vintage rhinestone necklace and earrings at an antique store on Sherman Way for the occasion. In the 80s, one could never have enough rhinestones.

Frank's dad let him borrow his car for the evening. I don't remember what the make of the car but it was for sure American, big, white on the exterior with burgundy leather (the rich corinthian type) inside, and power steering. DEE-luxe. We were stylin'.

Tessa, Khe, Liliane, Lil, & Michele

The pre-prom party was at Tessa Trono's house. Unfortunately Tessa is a little cut off in the picture. These are my best girl friends from high school. Michele and I are still close.

The prom was at the Sheraton Miramar in Santa Monica (now the Fairmont Miramar). It was the usual prom stuff - dinner and dancing. After the prom we walked over to a nearby 7-11, played video games and stocked up on snacks. The next stop was the marina, where Lil's date's father had a boat that we used for the after party.

To be honest, I thought prom was going to be lame. You might have read that I almost didn't go (story here). In the end, I was glad I did. It was a fun night. Frank was the perfect date. I am not sure at the time I showed my gratitude to Frank for taking me to the prom.

Dear Frank,

Wherever you may be, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for taking me to the prom.
It was a great night in a large part because of you.


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Now if you are at the prom & I've missed you in the crowd, please leave a link in the comments.

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