Friday, May 22, 2009

Vintage Photo Friday

Sisters: Nadine & Dixie

My Grandma, Dixie was the oldest of three sisters. Here she is with her middle sister Nadine. I am not sure what the year is (mom, maybe you can figure it out). They are in Springfield, Missouri.

Sisters: Mary Lynne & Cheryl
The next generation

Circa 1947, Culver City in Gran's driveway on Hubbard St. At the time my grandparents lived next door, in the duplex in the background.

More VPF

A special Thank You to all who attended the prom. It was truly an Enchanted Evening. It was undeniably special to revisit the memories, especially the fashions of the day, from home interiors to prom couture. Mwah! Love ya! K.I.T.

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