Friday, April 17, 2009

Vintage Photo Friday

Let's take it back to 1965. My mom was in a social club at Hamilton High called the Carousels. As you can see, you get a bunch of girls together and the antics begin. My mom tells me they had teas, went to the movies, and did charity work. They had their special place on the quad where they all met up and hung out. Remember the importance of the quad and your social standing in relation to it? So funny how important it was then. The Carousels had their place on the quad. The club colors were red and white. I imagine that most of the girls in the photo are wearing red sweaters. My mom says it was the only fun she had in high school. The Dardanelles and the Damselles were the two other clubs on campus. The club names are great, don't you think? My mom is the one on the left hand side with her mouth wide open and about to fall on the cute girl waving on the floor.

Cheryl and Bob
Hami Grad Night, 1965

Mom and her boyfriend of three years, Jerry Sheehan, broke up a couple of weeks before the dance. He was three years older and she thinks he didn't want to take her to the dance. She had the dress and was ready to go, but now she had no date. Well, Dixie (my Grandma) and LaRee (her friend & next door neighbor) put their heads together and got Bob (LaRee's son) to take my mom to the prom. They basically pushed him out of bed to be my mom's date. Why? Because he was at the tail end of having mono. According to my mom, even though he was sick he was a good date and she had fun. She can't remember the name of the hotel but thinks it was in Beverly Hills. She says the hotel was very nice. They had a sit down dinner and there was a band and dancing. What she does clearly remember is that her date was sick and a really good guy for taking her. Bob was a regular knight in shining armor, but I suspect there was no kiss at the end of the night. Mono...ewwww.

It is kind of funny because my prom story is very similar to my mom's story. My boyfriend broke up with me before prom too. I suspected that he didn't want to take me to prom and hang out with my high school friends because he was three years older. The dress was ready and I had no date. Luckily my mom didn't have a good friend next door with a son to scheme me up a date. Instead a good friend of mine, Frank Sacramento, came to my rescue and took me to prom. We worked together at a new store in the mall called Benetton. He was working the prom circuit that year. I believe he went to two other proms with other dateless girls. What a gentleman and champion for us Dateless Dorothys. It is good to have a friend like that in your corner.

When I get a chance I will find my prom photo. HI-larious and totally 80's. Anyone else with a good prom story? Please, please share. Here or on your blog. Wait! Just a thought. Prom season is upon us. I think we should have a prom night and everyone can blog about it. I propose Friday May 15, 2009 as Prom Night. That should give everyone enough time to find their prom pictures, dust off some old memories, and get out the taffeta. No prom date required. Oh, this will be fun! I will post more about it next week.

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