Friday, April 24, 2009

Vintage Photo Friday

Prom Night

The Class of 2009
Interwebs High School
requests the honor of your presence
the Senior Prom
"Enchanted Evening"
Friday the 15th of May
Two thousand and nine

Please share & post your stories and photos of Prom Night on Friday, May 15, 2009. Please RSVP and let me know if you will be in attendance (so I can link to everyone's blog).

Last week I posted my Mom's prom picture. Her dress was pretty in pink and white with a sweet bow in the front. My first high school formal was in 10th Grade. For the Winter Dance, I wore my mom's pretty pink dress that she still had in her closet. My boyfriend was dressed in pink and white as well. We walked to school from my house (I lived down the street). We made it to just across the street from the school when my boyfriend told me he really did not want to go. We turned around and came home. I remember being upset and crying. I think he walked me home but I am not sure. He probably did and then walked home himself. He didn't have a car yet. It's funny how time blurs the details. At the time it was a big deal that required lots of Kleenex. I mean. He backed out of the date. At the school. No girl gets dressed in her mom's prom dress (I'd been angling to wear this dress since I was five years old, right?) and expects to be rejected at the school gates on the night of her first high school dance. I have the faintest, vaguest recollection that my mom and her boyfriend, Bruce, took me out for an ice cream or something that night to make me feel better. That dress never really got the attention and admiration it deserved.

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Fabulous Prom Photos found on flickr: vintage high school prom 1957 by freeparking; Pompadour and More Prom by foundphotoslj; Cousin Patsi's Prom by Todd Ehlers

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