Thursday, April 16, 2009

Spin Cycle

I wish I was spinning like this

or like this

Sorry, but no.

This is about Spin Class: Week 2.

This week was so much harder than last week, especially this morning. The 6am alarm started this mental debate. Should I go? I want to go back to sleep. Uh-oh, I have a little sore throat. I am probably getting a cold. I should stay in bed. The gym is full of germs. Stop thinking and go brush your teeth. With that last thought I got out of bed and got ready for the gym.

These mental conversations are all kinds of trouble and I battle them everyday. In fact, life has gotten a little out of control for me. I took a curve too fast, so I let go of the wheel and closed my eyes. Now I am trying to take control of the wheel and get my tires back on the road. Just a pitstop on the expressway of progress.

It's back in the saddle.

Spin class is good for me and not just in a cardio way. If you have never been to a spin class (this is my 4th class, so I consider myself a newbie), the instructor takes you on a little journey. You sprint, you jog, and you climb imaginary mountains. This reminds me that we are all climbing some kind of mountain(s) in our lives. If we keep climbing we eventually get to the top of whatever heap lays before us, whether it's hitting a certain deadline, making that deal, getting to the gym, or the laundry pile. Forgive me for being cheesy, but it is a reminder this life is a journey. And sure I love a nice, long, smooth, flat bike path. Who doesn't? But hard work does have its own rewards. At least, so they say. When I am coasting on the downhill side I will let you know.

Until then I am going to keep peddling. See you on the road.

Photos by: Kromiski Minstrel spinning wheel by projektleiterin; Cotton candy maker by nicubunu; Monte Selim - Saddle Mountain by ®oberto's

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