Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sewing Mojo

My sewing mojo done got up and went about the time my sewing partner left town. Lately I have been feeling the call of the machine and projects have been dancing in my head. Recently, I went to a meeting of the Modern Quilt Guild and then over at Traveller's Yarn I stumbled on to this little kick in the pants.


Chickpea Sewing Studio is offering a twelve step program for the weary sewist.

This is it.

For 12 months, 12 days a month, I will sew 1 for hour.

Twelve hours of sewing a month is a reasonable amount of time. The hubby is heading out of town for another week which means I can set up some kind of sewing situation around these parts.

This is just what I needed to get my mojo back.

There is a flickr group too.

How's your sewing mojo?

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