Friday, May 21, 2010

2 Squares

This morning I went to my first quilting class. It was taught by Ann Tilley at Hands-on 3rd and it was fantastic. For our practice square Ann had us do an impromptu log cabin using scraps from the studio basket. I grabbed a bunch of bold and colorful graphic prints and went to town.

log cabin 2

Log cabin 1
According to Ann, log cabin squares traditionally have red or yellow center squares which represent the heart of the home. With that tradition and symbolism in mind, I started with a red center. We also did foundational piecing and used a 12 x 12 piece of muslin to sew our fabrics on and helps to square up the piece when it is finished. I have not squared my squares up yet.

Ever the over-enthusiastic one, I did a vertical striped square in a more monochromatic palette of grays and blacks.
Really I just had to play with that skull fabric and toile. Although now I wish I hadn't put them side by side, however, it does produce a yang/yin effect with death and life side by side. Just a hint of blue to add a dash of color.

Quilting class was a damn skippy fantastical time. I feel my mojo coming back. The random nature of putting these squares together with what was at hand was so delicious and appealing to my sense of play. The next three classes will focus on putting these new skills together in creating a pot holder out of the practice square and the start of a baby quilt. This is exciting stuff, I tell ya.

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