Friday, May 14, 2010

Ms. Green Jeans presents

This year we had grand plans for a veggie garden in our small patch of dirt in our small backyard. Sometimes grand plans have to be put on hold, especially when a long, short dog named Tank, needs emergency spinal surgery. If we can't buy tools and yards of lumber, then it is to the pots we go! On Wednesday morning, I stopped by the garden center and picked up a couple of pots and plants! First I spotted the perfect strawberry pot, which I was going to use as an herb garden. Then I found another pot, perfect for a tomato plant.

Yesterday morning, I got outside and potted. I love playing in the dirt. I love the mineral rich smell of the soil. The herbs smell so good and the tomato plants smell like tomato. The sun is shining, the roots are unwinding into new territory, everything is sparkly with water is so amazing. From this puttering and potting around, we will have fresh bright edibles to enjoy in our meals and on our table.

Here's the run down of plants.

Herbs: basil, thyme, oregano, chives (onion and garlic), sage, trailing rosemary, and parsley

Veggies: Roma tomato, Golden Pear tomato, jalapeno pepper, banana pepper, and fennel

jalapenito ex

The jalapeno is already bearing fruit!

herb pot ex
The herb pot turned out perfect, except I bought way too many herbs and now I need another herb pot. You really cannot have too many fresh herbs. Plus I ran out of potting soil, so another trip to the garden center has to be made to finish planting.

pots in a row
It's looking mighty green out back.

Fresh tomatoes...Oh I cannot wait. But it will be mid-summer before I get any tomatoes.

to be planted
Here are my extra herbs & pear tomato plant. I have a pot for the tomatoes. Today I will pick up another pot for the herbs and more potting soil.

After giving everything a good drink of water, this fellow crawls out from under the deck. He sure surprised me. Gorgeous creature.

Maybe a month or more ago my mom gave me a whole bunch of cuttings from her succulents. Last year I had picked up a large bowl with succulents in mind. From her cuttings and a couple of extra plants I picked up I filled the entire bowl.

succulent bowl

up close

baby lemon
On the same day as the bowl, I planted a lemon tree. We are going to have so many lemons! Look at the baby lemon. So cute. I talk to the lemon tree most mornings while I stick my big snoot in to smell the blossoms. Yes, it is still blossoming. I better get my lemonade stand ready for business.

Grandma's pot ex
This little treasure was found in my Grandma's garage. Not too long ago it was filled with mosquito larvae from the collected rain water. Now it is filled with the leftover succulents from my mom.

new friends
An aloe vera breathing new life after being pot bound in a little pot. It has now been divided into two plants. The other two plants, well, I have no idea what they are, but if given the chance they will turn into tree size succulent plants. My neighbor has both on her hillside and they are huge!

Taking my cue from Ellen.

What's happening in your yard?

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