Tuesday, September 08, 2009

It's all in the presentation

Sunday, there was a family barbeque at my cousin's house.

At one point my cousin Robert asked if I would like to try a grilled bacon wrapped dove breast. It looks delicious so I take one by the fancy toothpick and as I am about to put it into my mouth he says, "I shot it yesterday".

Time stops for a second. The bite freezes in mid-air. Mouth open.

Everyone at the table, all women, had the same reaction and stopped.

Too much information. Robert was oblivious, just proud of his kill.

After the pause, we resumed our tasting but a little more thoughtfully. It was delicious. Now anything wrapped in bacon is good, but the breast meat was very succulent and flavorful and was a tender bite against the chewy bacon on the outside. I even had a second one to confirm.

Did anyone else try something new this past weekend?

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