Monday, January 11, 2010

Whooping it up!

These are the home made cinnamon rolls made by my hubby on Sunday morning. They were sooooo delicious. He whipped up some scrambled eggs with turkey bacon too. Good thing too, otherwise we would have woofed them all down in one sitting.

This has started off as a fantastic year. On Sunday, January 3rd, my knitter gal pals got together for our holiday celebration. The only person missing was Carla, who is now living in Houston. We gave her a jingle on the phone, all shouting about how much we miss her. Ellen crocheted us all fabulous shawls for Christmas. So while Ellen had us lined up to take our picture, Carla popped into the back yard shouting Happy New Year! Well, I couldn't even believe my eyes that I was seeing Carla in the flesh! She is so sneaking because the last time I talked to her she was going to the bowling alley...when she was really driving back to L.A. with our friend Lilia. She is so damned sneaky! It was the best surprise ever. We were squealing in delight that she made it to the party. We had a grand time on Mary Jo's brand new deck, soaking up the sunshine, with all in attendance. It was perfect.

Since Carla has arrived we have been going non-stop. Movies (it's complicated - hysterical), eating, drinking, knitting, a little T.V. watching (The Biggest Loser and Iron Chef), going to Trader Joe's, more eating, drinking, singing (karaoke), snacking, hiking, and all kinds of nonsense. She leaves tomorrow. Wahhhh! But I can't complain too much as I will be off to Texas the following week. Yes, I have to check in on Cookie and Kiss and check out that devil cat, also known as, Mira.

Bon temps roulez!

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