Saturday, January 16, 2010


Today is my birthday and it's been a wonderful day. Well, really an incredible week.

This morning we went to breakfast at our local joint, Cheebo. After breakfast we headed toward the beach. We stopped in Malibu and grabbed a coffee, then we drove out to Pt. Mugu and hiked just north of Sycamore Canyon. From the top of the mountain beautiful views of the ocean on one side and a green valley, that was home to the Chumash Indians, on the other. We put out the blanket, ate an apple, and laid back and watched the clouds roll by. It was quiet, the kind of quiet where you hear the gentle breeze move through the grass. Very peaceful.

After conquering the mountain we worked up a powerful hunger. The next stop was Malibu Seafood for some steamed shrimp and clams, fries and cole slaw. This place has great food. We ate outside and watched the shadows grow longer as the sun started its final descent for the day.

Today was really and truly a great day because I got to spend all day with my honey. It was a joy just to be wit each other. There are some many distractions in day to day life, but today we really had a chance to enjoy the simple things and reconnect.

The celebrating for my birthday really started last week when Carla was in town. We just had to start the celebrating early. Last year she was in Houston and it was too painful to be celebrating without her. Last Saturday, a group of good friends gathered at The Must Bar for drinks and eats. Man, you have got to try the Black Sangria. MmMm good. After that a smaller group took on the night and some karaoke. Really, people should get together and sing more often. The hit of the night...Aquarius. Yeah, when the moon is in the 7th house Aquarius. We sang until our voices and song selections ran out.

Then on Sunday, as I posted, the hubby made cinnamon rolls. Fresh cinnamon rolls are a little bit of heaven. Carla left on Tuesday. We got a little teary but know we will be hanging out in a matter of days.

Thursday night, the hubby took me out for my birthday dinner. It was a wine tasting dinner at Mozza featuring the wines from Mt Etna, Sicilia. The evening was fantastic with interesting people, great food and even better wine. The sommelier, Jeff Porter, was enthusiastic and very knowledgeable, which made for a fun and enlightening evening. Grabbing a reservation at Mozza takes a bit of 5 weeks in advance on the calendar, but it is well worth the wait to taste anything from their Mozzarella Bar. Yes, they make their own cheese. Hello, calling now...right?!

As you have read, I have had an amazing week. 43 has started off with a bang and I feel so much joy and love in my heart for all those who are a part of my life and that includes you all here in this little corner of the bloglandia. Virtual Smooches and Hugs! It's been a very good day and I am radiating JOYJOYJOY. I hope you are feeling the LOVE right now.

The celebrating continues.... for tomorrow I am off to the Wiener Races.

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