Saturday, November 17, 2007

PR: Love it!

Project Runway is back with a whacky bunch of characters. Did you see Tim Gunn looking very perplexed as the ethereal Haiku dressmaker scrubbed, I mean infused, her silk chiffon with the essence of Bryant Park Grass? I am happy that the Haiku R2D2 (did you catch the sound effects coming out of her during her description?) will be around another week. Not only for the fashion (described by Heidi as a dress pooping material) but for the sound effects during the description.

Here's a little something else you should check out.
Project Dollway.
It is a fashion competition for 16" dolls. There is some amazing fashion happening in the world of dolls. Super glamazon divalicious frocks! Oh to be 16" high with grossly out of proportion bust to waist ratio and a sugar daddy! I really missed my Playboy Bunny window. Sorry Hugh.

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Ellen Bloom said...

ooooh yeah...Project Runway...our fave. Haiku girl is next to leave IMHO.

Thanks for the link to Project Dollway!

We've been missin' you at the SnB! Happy T-Day!