Monday, November 12, 2007

Fast & Furious Knits

All my BKFs (Best Knitting Friends) know that I love BIG needles and FAT yarn!

I have been busting out some Fast berets on my 17's with a three yarn combo.
Here are two more...

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These are a Malabrigo chunky, Kathmandu Aran, and mystery mohair from the stash combo.

Running out the door to the UCLA/ASU game I needed a quick project. I grabbed a bag of Rowan scraps and size 17 needles. Check it out the cute scarf I made.

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This scarf is made from Rowan Big Wool and Biggy Print scraps. It took me a couple of days to make, which included the fringe and sewing in all the ends. I really need to figure out how to knit in those ends. I hate the finishing work but I LOVE this scarf. It's so fun and fashionably scrappy. It's full of homemade goodness and I worked through two bags of scrap yarn. I have a bag full of alpaca scraps that now have a future as a scarf. Love the fast knits. Love it!


sappmama said...

That is SO CUTE! What's funny is that it's got all your favorite yarn colors. Of course you had to keep it. What choice did you have? Loves it. You are VINNER.

I can show you how to knit in ends on Project Runway night. Yah!

woolanthropy said...

YAY! I need to learn that knitting in skill because I got no patience for all those ends. I am watching Project Runway reruns as I write. Can't wait for the new season.

Auf Wiedersein (did I kill that spelling?)

Ellen Bloom said...

Stash-tastic! You are a design genius. When are you signing up for "Project Runway."

Are those new glasses?

woolanthropy said...

No these are my originals. The new ones are awaiting pick up! And they are fabulous!