Thursday, October 04, 2007

Welcome Home

There is nothing like being on vacation. Italy has many wonderful things. I would live there in a hot minute. But the beds and the bathrooms...well...the showers are small and the beds are not so good. Traveling for an extended period of time leaves you longing for your own bed and your own shower. My bedroom in Todi was totally cute. Loved it. The twin bed, however, was more of a hammock.

Here is my room.

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Small but lovely. And here is my terrace...
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It faces the Porta Romana and the Porta Romana faces Roma. The house was just outside the ancient city walls.

And this is the art in my room.

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I was definitely in the right place.

But this is about coming home. All good things come to an end and so did my vacation. I was looking forward to seeing all my furry ones. I was missing them.

One Roman taxi, Two AirFrance flights, and one LA taxi later we finally arrive home. YAY HOME! My critters. My own bed. YAY! Where are the kitters? We walk into the bedroom and there was a nice present of poo on top of the bed. Welcome Home! Nothing like a fresh one on the bed to say I love you, I missed you. Wiggs was the culprit. He has a history of bad behavior. And where is the smell of cat piss coming from? Stripped the bed, scowled at the cats, and plopped on the couch. We didn't figure out where the cat piss smell was coming from until five hours later when jet lagged tired we decide to go to bed. Yes...the bed...the cats had been using the bed as a litterbox for who knows how long. There was a two feet in diameter circle of cat pee on the mattress. I am not joking. It was a big ole puddle of cat pee. The mystery of the stench was solved. We spent the first night home on separate couches.

The next morning we bought a brand new tempurpedic bed and it was delivered the same day. Can you believe it?! (If you need a mattress, see Andrew at the Mattress Gallery on Melrose and La Cienaga. He gave us the best customer service. Such a rarity in this day and age. Andrew was awesome and got us our bed the same day.) According to Andrew, they get customers at least once a month due to cats peeing on the bed. Hell hath no fury like a cat and Wiggs is my hellcat. My newest bed accessory is a blue tarp. Yes, the kind you use for camping. We have had no further incidents on our new bed, but Wiggs did pee on the dog bed. Bodhi has had to rough it on the carpet since then. Did I say I missed my critters? I was thinking they might become coyote chow, but we have made a peace. Purrs and snores...We are all sleeping very well on our new bed.


Ellen Bloom said...

I NEED that painting in your room in Italy.

It's a copy of a Margaret Keene painting...very popular in the 60's. Love it! Glad you're home!

woolanthropy said...

Yeah, I thought about packing her in my suitcase. Her brother was on the wall too but he wasn't carrying no knitting needles so he got no play.

It's good to be home, but I am plotting my how to get my home in Italia.

MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

Take me home to Italia - PUH-LEEZE?!

I *love* that painting. I think I had something like that way back when. But she weren't knittin.

And, the beasties were just expressing how much they missed you. Yeah, that's the ticket.