Monday, October 15, 2007

Itza Knitterie

There is a new knit shop on the block. It's called Itza Knitterie. It's located on the cutest street in Kenneth Village on the border of Glendale and Burbank. Darcy discovered the shop and we made a date to meet on Saturday for some knit time. Lori joined us too. The owner's name is Maritza. She was really friendly. She has a nice selection of yarn (loads of Berroco) and some serious knitting skills. She was working up the cutest, lacy baby dress. All the cotton yarns were on sale. The street the shop is located on harkens back to an earlier era. It's a block long neighborhood street with mom and pop shops lining both sides. The old timey corner gas station is a florist and the old body shop is now a yoga studio. There is a French Bakery, a little market, an Italian restaurant, a pet store, a small coffee house that serves food, a cute clothing store, and a mortuary to name some of the businesses. The closest major cross streets are Glenoak and Western.

Kenneth Village is having a Fall Festival (3-6pm for families) and a Rockabilly Bash (8-11pm for adults) next Saturday October 20. Knitting, a parade, and a rocking bash to boot. Woohoo sounds like fun!

Lori is busy finishing up her Library Science Degree this semester. Hopefully when she is finished we will be seeing and reading more about her in the New Year. Gads...that's fast approaching.


Ellen Bloom said...

Oh yeah! Isn't that a darling section of town? Itza Knitterie used to be a yarn shop called Emmaline's. They closed awhile back and I suppose Itza took over. I'm glad there's still a yarn shop in this hidden corner of the City!

MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

WISH I could go - that sounds like fun. :( But I'll have to check out the shop some time in the future. Thanks!