Wednesday, May 18, 2011


This weeks photography assignment was to take portraits. There is nothing better than family portraits, especially if they are furry, as it is at my house. While I took photos of all my furry loved ones, I am choosing to focus on my eldest, Wiggs. His proper name is Ludwig von Kat and he was born and acquired in Las Vegas, after papa had a winning day at the tables.

Here he is looking angelic, which isn't very often. I just caught a little glimpse, but mostly he is a bit of a terror. One time, when he was a kitten, I had finished working swing shift at the casino and came home and was dozing on the couch. At a full run, he came across the room and jumped on my face. With one precise claw out, like a ninja's blade he punctured a hole right in my hairline. By the time I got to the bathroom, six feet away, I was looking like Carrie with blood running down my face. So much blood from one little hole by one tiny cat.

This is his politician's face. If only I had an American flag for a back drop. He wears a tuxedo everyday. He is very formal in that respect.

This is his gangsta, bad ass face. He is one snarky cat, but this picture cracks me up because he looks so very serious. This face says, "if you cross me, I will piss in your bed". And he backs up his threats.

Here he is sniffing the breeze. Just inhaling the sweet smell of the air after a couple of days of rain.

Pretty much this is what he looks like most of the time. Lounging around in all his glory. He is 15 years old, has irritable bowel syndrome, and at the end of last year started having the occasional grand mal seizure (which is scary as hell). Getting old is such a pain. He is very friendly when he wants to be and loves his tummy rubbed, which is a bit unusual for a cat. Wiggs likes a good lap. He is fond of laying on knitting projects and trying to eat the dog's dinner. I just love this crazy cat and all his many personalities. Thank you for letting me share him with you.


Ellen Bloom said...'re gettin' purdy good with that new-fangled camera!! Wiggs is an excellent Top Model.

jenna! said...

OMG, I LOVE those picture.

Ludwig said...

Thank you so much. Wiggs has top model potential...he knows how to smize. lol

gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

Love the profile shot, you can tell he's a cat with attitude.

carlita dee said...

Okay, seriously, I love Wiggs.

Paige said...

Those are some fantastic pics, Natalie. Seriously.