Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Girls

Tank La Rue: my snoop, my spooner, and biggest love. She's a poke snout and very verbal at snack time and bedtime. Her greatest delight is to burrow under blankets, preferably next to me. Her favorite toy is a donut that her Aunt Darcy gave her. When she squeaks her toys it is what I imagine puppy laughter sounds like. It is pure joy to my ears and makes me smile.

Koi: my skittish, green eyed, bedroom cat, who demands lots of love at bedtime and first thing in the morning (even if you aren't technically awake but have shown signs of movement). It's really the price of admission to sleep in what she has come to claim as her bed. This is the animal that gives me the least amount of trouble and I am truly grateful for her good health and sweet disposition.

Those are my sweet girls and the best two photos from my photo shoot with them.


Beth McDermott Oliver said...

Sweet girlies! They are both adorable.

The photograph of Koi reminds me of the Robert Freeman photograph of the Beatles on the "With the Beatles" album. Very hip.

Natalie said...

Thanks, Beth. That is a very nice compliment. Now I have to go google the photo. :)

Ellen Bloom said...

Tank's eyes just knock me out!!
Excellent photos!

j.kaori said...


Paige said...

Oh, what beauties! I couldn't imagine life without a furry friend (or two or three).

Yarny Days said...

They are so adorable.