Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tank update

Never in a millions years did I think I would ever purchase one of these for myself.

Nope, no baby on the way. We just needed a safe contained place for Tank. She is not doing as well as we would like. She still cannot stand or pee on her own. To encourage movement, but not be stepped on by us or the other four legged critters in the house, we bought the playpen. We do physical therapy 5 times a day. The back legs are weight bearing but the front legs are floppy. When we do our exercises I have us running in green fields with the wind whipping through our ears.

It's been tough around here. We were up to the early hours of the monring trying to get her to go to the bathroom. We have been dead on our feet during the day. Things are getting better in terms of expressing her bladder. Thank goodness for youtube demonstrations, but still you have to feel your way around. One thing that is encouraging is her will to be next to her mommy. At night we have her in the bottom half of the crate in the bed between us. On the first night she crawled out of the crate and Joe found her spooning with me like she does every night. Unfortunately she is in a fragile state as her spine heals, plus we were so tired we were afraid something would happen and she had to be put back in the crate. In spite of this, it was a very encouraging sign.

She loves to burrow so when she goes into her Playpen I put her favorite blanket just out of reach. She definitely finds a way to burrow under it. My hubby thought I was mean but we need her to start moving around on her own. We are still hoping for more improvements in her movement. Otherwise I have to start thinking about buying her a skateboard. Maybe Tyson can come over and show her how it's done.

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