Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Caught in the act

There is nothing like admitting my personal procrastination problem and then posting the date I started to write my post...oh four months ago, to confirm that I truly have a procrastination problem. What can I say. I try to get up everyday and take a shower if nothing else!

I was supposed to align my forces of light this weekend with a yoga tantra sadhana intensive but it was cancelled. Doesn't that sound good...aligning the forces of light. Who couldn't use a good alignment once in a while? I guess I will go it alone on my light aligning. Any suggestions? Rituals? Cleanses? Mantras?

Well, I'll figure it out tomorrow.

1 comment:

sappmama said...

Sew! Or, at least, edge. Ha ha.

See ya tomorrow. Well, later today. I stayed up to finish my skirt. :)