Thursday, November 18, 2010


Every year for the annual Stitch N Witch Party I try to come up with a unique handmade item for the prize bags. This year I was inspired by a new magazine, Prims, which is dedicated to primitive and folk art inspired dolls.

The Punkinheads were born.

punkinhead trio2

To make these adorable fellows I drew out a pattern in a gingerbread man kind of way, except with a pumpkin head. After cutting out and stuffing the muslin, they were grunged and put in the oven at a low temp to dry. The grunge mixture was instant coffee, cinnamon, and vanilla. Then I watered down acrylic paint with the grunge mix and painted up the punkinheads. They were popped back in the oven to dry. Once they were dried I took a nail file and sanded them for a more worn look. The fun part was giving them personality out of vintage buttons, snaps, embroidery thread, and grunged up gingham.

One Eye 2

ONe eyed face 2

Moonie 2

Moon face 2

snappy 2

snaps 2

They turned out pretty darn cute and were lots of fun to make. Yes, Halloween was a couple weeks ago and Thanksgiving menu planning is in full effect, but I had to share.


Ellen Bloom said...

Very artistic! So glad to see your close-up photos of these pumpkin-headed gems!!!

Sarah said...

Thank you for sharing! These are so great, and very craft-inspiring. :)

Sara said...

I love our Pumpkin Head! I think I have to add a slight upturn to the mouth though, because Viv keeps asking me why he is sad...

Lori said...

You're so gifted!!! The pumpkin heads are great! Nice snaps, too!

j.kaori said...

I love your Punkinheads! So creative, as usual. Can't wait to read about your Thanksgiving menu!

Paige said...

So glad you shared the Punkinheads - they are awesome!

Anonymous said...

Wow Natalie! These are superbly creative! I think I would have quickly decapitated one and poured the contents into my french press though.

Jeannette said...

very adorable! Years ago I made Snowmen something like this :)