Monday, November 27, 2006

Lorenzo Lamas in a Speedo

Star sighting!

Today the pool was packed. After a four day weekend of stuffing myself silly with all the trimmings, me and everyone else dragged themselves to the gym. The pool was unusually busy and people were lined up waiting for others to finish. I vacated my lane and was toweling off when what to my wondering eyes would appear but Lorenzo Lamas in a Speedo!

No kidding!

This is a much younger picture, but he looks about the same with longer hair and leathery skin. It's scary that one can find a picture of him in a speedo in the first place.


Ellen Bloom said...

Oh! So that's what Lorenzo does all day! I haven't seen him on anything since "The Bold and the Beautiful." LOL

WineGrrl said...

When I was in college, he would sometimes be seen strolling through Westwood in those Dolfin Shorts. He looked good in them, but he really needs to find a new look.